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2004_06_14,DoD biometrics, CAC biometric integration
A powerpoint presentation titled "Common Access Card (CAC) Biometric Integration Overview" by the Department of Defense Biometrics.DoD Biometrics Management Office, DoD Biometrics Fusion Center. Itwas presented at the PKI PKE Forum New Orleans 14-18 june 2004.
Fingerprints für Mickey Mouse
Die Disney Corporation, die das weltgrößte, zivile Fingerprintsystem unterhält, hat dieses einem Upgrade unterzogen. Bereits Mitte der 90er Jahre mischte Disney - lange Zeit als einziges Unternehmen aus dem zivilen Sektor - im Biometric Consortium der NSA bei der Erstellung von Biometrie-Standards mit.
US/Biometrie für die ganze Welt
Zunächst Kanada und Mexiko, dann die ganze Welt. Mit dieser Salamitaktik will die US-Regierung ihre Biometrie/manie ausleben. Den Anfang machte das /Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America/ (SPP). In dessen Windschatten soll das berüchtigte CAPPS als "Trusted Traveler Program" bis 2007 wieder/auferstehen. Neben Datamining treten als neue Wunder/waffen Biometrie und Straßenbau.
Fuer Disney World - den Stinkefing/er
Doch deinen Zei/gefinger wollen sie auch. Beim NSA/Datamining/Projekt ist Disney übrigensdeshalb aufgefallen, weil es die erste Entertainment/Company war, die auf den Biometrie-Zug aufgesprungen ist. An "Mon Jul 22 20:23:08 1996" ist <> mit einem Posting an die Liste des NSA-gesteuerten Biometrics-Consortium erstmals aufgefallen.
Biometrics at the Frontiers: Assessing the Impact on Society
Notice to new subscribers
Dear new subscribers and new readers of q/depesche - especially to those who might have second thoughts on their own privacy concerning media reports on so called "NSA-hacks" and biometrics. This is all somewhat overestimated as the whole effort is under control of European data protection laws. There will be no matching of list member's personal data e.g. with commercial databases containing personal data [physical adresses, social security numbers etc.] as we have been asked for a while. Real Names are omitted, with a few exceptions of persons worth of public interest.
Datamining the NSA - Part I
More results are onsite. Please do read the introduction understand what this project is about. Presentation of phase II is on April 1 2005 at Vienna's Museumsquartier. The more scientific approach of the project will be remixed with contemporary media/art.
"Datamining the NSA" - ab jetzt im Netz
Nach der Präsentation erster Erkenntnisse aus dem Projekt "Datamining the NSA" auf dem Congress des CCC werden weitere Ergebnisse ab sofort im Netz veröffentlicht. Eine Reihe relevanter doqumentz ist bereits verfügbar.
1995_12_07,US Government Biometric Consortium Charter
"The National Security Agency initiated the formation of the Consortium as part of its Information Systems Security mission, with a goal to increase the availability of biometric authentication and identification to meet the needs of the Department of Defense and other Federal agencies. [...] the NSA has invested personnel resources and funds to provide organizational and administrative support to the Consortium. The Consortium has been, and continues to be, the US Governmentís primary source of technical information for biometric considerations.
2004_09_17,Jeffrey S. Dunn, Co-chair of the Biometric Consortium.
a career federal employee with 24 years of service at the National Security Agency. His current position is Technical Director of the Information Assurance Engineering Research Office. This office is researching new technologies to protect information systems in the Department of Defense and other critical organizations. During his NSA career, he has held a variety of program manager and management positions.
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